Posted by: nancyisanders | April 5, 2014

Research Books

I’ve been getting nasty messages on my phone lately.

They are computer generated and they sound like this:

Hell-OO NAN-cee SANN-drs.




Now, it helps to realize that right now I have stacks of library books on my research table in my one room here at my house. I have more stacks of library books on my computer desk in my office. I have even more stacks of library books near my couch where I’m reading them.

Some are due this week. Some are due next week. And some are due sometime in between.

So I’ve been really trying to be good about my library books because I have so many right now for all the different projects I’m working on.

Saturday my husband Jeff and I went to the library and returned a batch that were due. So on Sunday when I got my first nasty phone message, I felt really worried. I hurried to my computer to log onto my online account. With this many books out, the overdue fines add up quickly!

Whew! No books overdue on my account. Maybe because it’s Sunday they didn’t yet catch the ones I returned, I thought with relief.

But then a few days later, the same nasty message appeared on my phone! Once again, I raced to my computer and logged on. Nope. No overdue books.

But I thought I better look into this.

So I called my local library and talked with a sweet and helpful librarian. She graciously checked my card number. “No over due items!” she happily announced.

But then she uttered a sentence that sent chills running up and down my spine.

“You wouldn’t happen to have another library card associated with this phone number, would you?” she asked.


Poor Jeff.

Once again, he had so nicely helped me out by letting me check books out on HIS card, too. But then I’d forgotten about that.

Poor Jeff. The library police have been after him for years. For MY overdue books on his account. They probably even had his card marked with “Bad library patron. Watch out for this guy.”

Needless to say, we returned HIS (I mean MY) books later that day, especially since they wouldn’t let HIM (I mean ME) renew them since they were WAAAAAY overdue.

Ah well…I guess you could just say that we love to support our local library.

Because we do!


  1. That’s hilarious, Nancy! Poor Jeff!

  2. Thanks for the good laugh! I, too, support my library through generous overdue fines. 🙂

    • It was fun to share the chuckle with you, too, Sara!

  3. Oh yes, we have that problem here as well. I am still trying to find a book that is way overdue. Fortunately the library doesn’t charge more than the price of the book.

  4. Hahaha! This is so funny, Nancy!!! You’re busted again! You’re going to have to start going to Library Offenders Anonymous if that keeps up. Thanks for the great laugh today. I think you need to write a humorous book about this.

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