Posted by: nancyisanders | April 16, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book in 3 Weeks: Week 2

dog on wall HPIM0501_2

On today’s calendar date that we’re following to write our nonfiction picture book in 3 weeks, we’re writing our Turning Point.

Think of it as this dog I saw yapping at my husband Jeff and me as we walked past his yard. Picture your main character standing on a wall. It’s about to crumble underneath him. This will propel him toward the end of the story.

Your Editing
Start by spending a few minutes going back over the text you wrote yesterday. Tweak any glaring spots to flow better.

Your Mentor Text
For today, read just the “Turning Point” of your mentor text. You should have noted the page numbers of this section on the plot worksheet you filled out on Wednesday last week. It’s the middle of the middle. Read this section over again to get the flow/voice/format/structure fresh in your writer’s brain.

Your Research
Focus on reading sections of your research books that have to do with the material you need for writing your turning point.

Your Writing Session
Have the plot worksheet and the outline both handy to look at as you’re working on writing, actually writing, the turning point of your first draft. Once again, these two worksheets will be your roadmap, your GPS system, that you follow as you sit down to write.

This will probably be your shortest writing session of all. In some books, it’s just one word. In others, it’s a very short segment of the pivotal scene of your story. Just remember, though, the turning point takes your MC from the beginning of the story and propels him toward the finish line with no turning back.

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