Posted by: nancyisanders | April 17, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book in 3 Weeks: Week 2

3-week calendar

The goal today is to write the first draft of the second half of the middle.

Your Editing
Start by spending a few minutes going back over the text you wrote yesterday. Tweak any glaring spots to flow better. If this were a chapter book, it would also help to spend a couple minutes editing the previous chapter. But since this is a picture book, it might help you to read back over everything you’ve written so far.

Your Mentor Text
For today, start by reading just the “Second Half of the Middle” of your mentor text. You should have noted the page numbers of this section on the plot worksheet you filled out on Wednesday last week. It’s the second half of the middle. Read this section over again to get the flow/voice/format/structure fresh in your writer’s brain.

Since we’re starting to wrap up our story and head it toward the end, it also might help to read your entire mentor text today to see how this section takes what happened in the beginning and propels your MC toward the end.

Your Research
Focus on reading sections of your research books that have to do with the material you need for writing this section.

Your Writing Session
Have the plot worksheet and the outline both handy to look at as you’re working on writing, actually writing, the second half of the middle of your first draft.

After your writing session is finished, take a few moments and plug in footnotes for each of the facts you stated.

If you’ve reached this point and are having difficulty writing anything at all, just remember…this only needs to be 800 words. You can do this. Don’t worry that it’s not perfect or not as good as your mentor text. It won’t be. Why? Because this is a first draft.

Writing usually takes layers. The first layer is to get the first draft on paper. Then you can take that and rework it and revise it and cut and paste and reorganize and polish it over upcoming writing and editing sessions.

But you can’t do any of that if you don’t yet have a first draft from beginning to end. So get this section written. Because tomorrow we’ll be working on the end! You’re almost there.

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