Posted by: nancyisanders | April 18, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book in 3 Weeks: Week 2

3-week calendar

You’re here! It’s time to work on the ending of your nonfiction picture book.

Your Editing
Start by spending a few minutes going back over the entire text you’ve written. Get this in your brain as you embark on writing the ending. Tweak and edit if you see anything you’d like to give a quick fix.

Your Mentor Text
For today, start by reading just the “Ending” of your mentor text. You should have noted the page numbers of this section on the plot worksheet you filled out on Wednesday last week. Read this section over again to get the flow/voice/format/structure fresh in your writer’s brain. Most of these books end with a very inspirational ending that ties in with the title. Note how your mentor text handles this.

Your Research
You actually might not need to do much research today since the ending to these picture books is often inspirational and wraps up the story. But if you need more details and facts to weave into your writing, now’s the time to dig those up.

Your Writing Session
Have the plot worksheet and the outline both handy to look at as you’re working on writing, actually writing, the ending of your first draft. Again, many of these picture books end with an inspirational thought, so if your mentor text does, make yours be inspirational as well. Try reading it aloud if it helps. Pretend you’re reading it to inspire a group of kids to make a difference in their world.

After your writing session is finished, take a few moments and plug in footnotes for each of the facts you decided to use (if any).

Then give a cheer! You’ve made it this far. Hurray!

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