Posted by: nancyisanders | April 22, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book in 3 Weeks: Week 3

3-week calendar

Start your self-editing session again today by fact checking any spot in your manuscript that you stated a fact. Be sure you have at least one primary source or three other sources to verify each fact you state.

Read over your mentor text again so it’s fresh in your mind as you’re revising your own.

Use my Nonfiction Picture Book Self-Editing Checklist you downloaded from yesterday’s post as a guideline on what to check for as you go over your manuscript multiple times.

Continue to trim your word count as you’re editing and revising to aim closer to your goal. Some editors and agents prefer 800 word manuscripts, even in nonfiction. Others, though, are open to a word count that is longer and some even prefer 3,000 words or more. Just go with the word count in your mentor text and you’ll be targeting the word count in that publisher’s recent acquisition.

And if you’re including sidebars, continue researching and writing them.

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