Posted by: nancyisanders | May 23, 2014

The Writing Desk of Nancy I. Sanders

day 3HPIM8206

When I write, I like to move all over the house. I typically spend mornings at my desk in my office where I type in the manuscript I’ve been working on by hand or type in research notes to back up my facts.

Day 2 plotting mentor text HPIM8201

I like to spread out as I write and often set up a 6-foot cardtable in my library where I can spread out my research notes and research books and piles of mentor texts I’m studying…right next to my current sewing projects!

Day 1 Research HPIM8181

I often sit in a comfy chair to read research books and take handwritten notes. It’s here you’ll find me sitting to read my manuscripts aloud to my cats, too, who are always willing to listen and give feedback…not!

Day 2 writing buddies HPIM8195

And most afternoons (and evenings when my teacher husband Jeff is nearby grading papers or reading a book), I’ve got my feet up on our comfy couch…snuggled up with my writing buddies of course!


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  1. Heehee! I love the zonked out cats, Nancy!! They’re such great characters. Ever thought of writing about them?

    • Hahaha. Yes, cats (and dogs) make such great characters in stories!!!!

  2. I love the kitties! My (singular) kitty is featured in my own writing space writeup from a few months back. Thanks for sharing!

    • Aren’t kitty writing buddies so much fun? And puppy ones, too!

      • Oh yes! Who said, “If you wish to write, own cats”?

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