Posted by: nancyisanders | June 13, 2014

The Writing Desk of Gretchen Griffith

writer's desk

My writer’s desk is in a room I call my study, but actually is the room my son left vacant when he left for college several years ago. There is a fouton in it for the grandchildren when they come over, but normally it is as covered over with clutter as my desk.

At this spot I have written numerous manuscripts, many of which are in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet never to be seen again, chalked up to learning experiences. In addition to the picture book and freelance articles in newspapers and magazines, I have published three narrative nonfictions in the memoir genre.

First look at WCFLH
Connect with children’s writer Gretchen Griffith!
Learn more about her books and her life as a children’s writer at these sites:

Website: Gretchen Griffith: Storycatcher/Author
Blog: Catch of the Day
Facebook: Gretchen Griffith Author Page
Twitter: @GretchenGriffth (note I had to drop the second i in my name that was already taken)
You can also connect with Gretchen on Pinterest and Google+


CLICK HERE if you’re a children’s writer and would like to see your writing desk featured here on my blog!


  1. Hi Gretchen–Your book is one I featured in the upcoming December 2014 issue of LibrarySparks magazine. The theme of my Fiction-Nonfiction article is Gift Giving and Family Traditions. Your book is an absolute delight! Fun to see where it was created. 🙂

  2. Your desk is more organized than mine. Congrats on a great post. I love that book, When Christmas Feels Like Home.

  3. Gretchen, it’s so fun to see where your creativity and hard work take place. Thanks for sharing and a huge congratulations on your book!!!!

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