Posted by: nancyisanders | July 30, 2014

Grammar Jammer: Let’s Talk Verbs

How’s your grammar? Want to brush up on your grammar skills? Then join me here on my blog from time to time as I post tips and techniques on grammar.

Let’s Talk Verbs

Verbs are words that show action or a state of being.

Most verbs show action.

Carrie Author ripped open the SASE.
She read the editor’s letter.

Have You Heard?
Some sentences have two or more verbs.

The publisher offered her a picture book contract and promised a $40,000 advance!

Carrie screamed and jumped up and down.

Have You Heard?
The tense of a verb shows when an action happens.
Past tense shows an action happening in the past.
Present tense shows an action happening right now.
Future tense shows an action happening in the future.

Let’s Give Action Verbs a Try!
Unscramble these action verbs and fill in the blanks.

Carrie _______________ (ENOPHD) her husband with the news.

She _______________ (EXETTD) her friends and _______________ (DEEWETT) on Twitter.

She _______________ (CANDDE) around for joy.


  1. Phoned, texted, tweeted, danced 🙂

  2. Thanks for making understanding verbs enjoyable!

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