Posted by: nancyisanders | August 12, 2014

Grammar Jammer: Linking Verbs

Some verbs link the subject with more information about it.
Linking verbs show a state of being.

Carrie Author is as happy as a kid at Christmas.
Yesterday, she was an unpublished author but soon that will be changing.
She has been eager to be published since she was in college.

Have You Heard?
Any form of the verb be is a linking verb:
has been
have been
am being
are being
will be
might have been

More Linking Verbs
Other verbs that show a state of being are also linking verbs.
look, feel, taste, smell, sound, seem, appear, become

Let’s Give Linking Verbs a Try!
Use a pencil to circle the linking verbs.

Carrie Author is a member of an online picture book critique group.
She has been part of that group for three years.

This is her very first book contract. She feels so excited!

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