Posted by: nancyisanders | August 28, 2014

Moving Forward in Our Writing

Thank you, sweet writing friends, for sharing your hearts and a peek into your writing world.

The one emotion I felt as I read each one of your comments was that “We are not alone.”

And for a commitment (writing) that takes so much “alone time” it felt good to know we have fellow writers who struggle with the same issues and find joy in the same places as we do.

So now, I want to ask each one of you (as I ask myself), what is the next step you will take to move forward in your writing?

Let’s all just reevaluate where we said we are:

Option A: How many of you have empty hours of time to write each day?

Option B: How many of you have action packed schedules with homeschooling kids, working at a day (or night) job, or other huge responsibilities and have to be creative about carving out time to write?

Option C: How many of you aren’t really writing at all right now because you have so many other important commitments but you like to keep your “toe in the water” so to speak in the world of writing so if you do find time to write (or the muse strikes you) you can pick up your pen and write?

If you’re right in the place you want to be right now with your writing, do you have a tip you’d like to share for how you manage your time and stay motivated?

And if you’d like to be in a different place, would you like to share one strategy you plan to start implementing this week to get back on track?

For those of you who may be new to my blog or follow my blog but don’t yet have some of my how-to-write books, you can take a peek at them at these links:

Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career: This book is an insider’s look on how I’ve built my writing career. It’s got a great sections on how to get really really motivated to write! (in chapters 1 and 7)

Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Beginning Readers and Chapter Books: This book is more about the nuts and bolts of writing for children in different readability levels

Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers: This book will help inspire, encourage, and motivate you to give your best to God through your writing


  1. I am thankful to be busy with family, ministry, writing, and art. I struggle with confidence that I have used my time wisely, and not feeling overwhelmed. I have two tips which I will share as both recommendation to you all, and as reminder to implement the strategies faithfully in my own life.

    Every other month I commit to reading Proverbs 31:10-31 once a day. It serves as a reminder that it is OK to be a mom at times when I wish I were writing. It reminds me to trust God to organize my day. It helps me remember it is a privilege to serve (and to write). It motivates me not to procrastinate. It makes me eager for action.

    Second, I keep a positive steps journal. It takes less than 3 minutes to write an entry. I try to write a minimum of three times a month. I only write positive steps I have taken toward my writing and illustrating goals. For example, I entered a contest, I finished a critique, I read two chapters of a book on craft, I wrote a rough draft, I blogged consistently this week. Whatever it is, no matter how small. And not one negative thing. It reminds me that little things are important, that great things are accomplished in tiny steps. It reminds me that God is in control of the details of my life. It keeps me from becoming discouraged if I missed the mark on some of my goals.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share. I feel so motivated!

    • Oh Joanne, these are wonderful and VERY DO-ABLE things that you do. I simply love the idea of a positive steps journal. I’m going to start one today!!!!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for encouraging others. I’ve added your Scribes Devotional to my amazon wish list. Hope to treat myself to a few book for Christmas. 🙂

    • You’re so sweet, Tracy! Hope you’re encouraged every day along your writing journey.

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