Posted by: nancyisanders | September 16, 2014

Welcome to My World

I thought I’d share an update of what exactly I’m doing these days.

Yesterday was a deadline for a work-for-hire contract. It was the first half of the manuscript. I finished it last Thursday and submitted it early, but never heard back from the editor. So I e-mailed her yesterday and forwarded the original e-mail to her and said I was just double checking that she got it.

She replied instantly thanking me for double checking because no, she hadn’t received it.

This happens so frequently now with e-mail that I always do two things:
1) I always resend it if I haven’t heard back within a week.
2) I always try to send a little e-mail to respond that I received something when an editor contacts me.

I have another deadline Sept 29 (the final half of the same manuscript) so I’ll be racing to meet that one, too. But after that, my deadlines are done. (Other than getting several book projects ready to go to print.)

So what did I do this morning? I spent about an hour searching for new potential projects to work on. This is something I like to do…when I’m still in the middle of one deadline, I’ll be searching for new contracts to sign so that when this deadline ends I’ve got a new deadline and more income guaranteed to come in.

So I printed out some material I found online that shows me what a potential target publisher is currently publishing. Basically, this was a list of the most recent titles they’ve published in the genre I’m interested in. I’m planning on studying this to see if I think I can write for this genre, and if so, to see if I can find a hole in their product line that I could pitch an idea for to the editor.

What do you do to drum up new contracts? And generate a constant flow of income?


  1. Nancy, You’re the queen of drumming up new ideas for writing and researching…I’m an Amazon Books spy! I find or hear a title, look it up, then research the publishing house. Or, sometime they have the “look inside” and I can read the first few pages. Good way to find the start of a text mentor book.

    • Mona, thanks for sharing this. This is a great strategy to take!!!!

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