Posted by: nancyisanders | September 26, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Let’s Get Organized!


For this new writing adventure we’re embarking on for pursuing our goal of earning income by submitting to Kaeden Books, a publisher who is LOOKING for new authors, I want to show you the step-by-step process I’m going through so you can do it, too.

After I explored their site yesterday and just clicked all over on random buttons and links, I decided it was time to get organized.

I thought I’d take pictures to show you EXACTLY what I’ve done so far. And since I set up our brand new playpen, I thought it would be the perfect place for a photo shoot!

Yes, that’s right! Life is filled with blessings right now in our family. Last Saturday our oldest son got married to our precious new daughter-in-law. It was such a lovely ceremony in a beautiful gazebo overlooking Laguna Beach. And NEXT Saturday we’re hosting a baby shower here at our house for our youngest son and his lovely wife who are expecting our very first grandchild!

As you can see in the photo above, I have a yellow pocket folder to organize. It’s like packing a suitcase for a journey. And this is a journey. So yes, while we’re pursuing this for the goal of income, always remember that the journey itself is very, very important.

We don’t know if we’ll actually land a contract with this publisher or not. God in his great wisdom knows what’s best. But what we DO know is that as we embark on this journey together, we will learn and grow as a writer. And that’s worth every step we take. Plus it’s gonna be lots and lots of fun!

So to get started, I like to get organized.


Here’s what I have inside my yellow pocket folder:

A spiral notebook. This is my current way to take notes and write first drafts. So I tucked an empty notebook in my pocket folder. This will probably not spend very much time inside here because it will be what I carry around with me all the places I go throughout my day in the upcoming weeks as I’m jotting down ideas and rough drafts and other notes.


A file folder labeled PRAYER. For each manuscript project I work on I like to have a prayer folder. I like to write out my prayers when I pray, kind of like writing love letters to God. So I got some pretty, cheerful paper to use and put it in this folder. Plus, I already wrote out a prayer. Not only am I praying for myself as I start out on this journey, but I’m also praying for YOU.


Behind that is a file folder labeled WRITER’S GUIDELINES. I printed out a copy of Kaeden Book’s writer’s guidelines and tucked it in here for easy reference. (We’ll go over that with a magnifying glass next week here on my blog.)

Behind that is a file folder labeled KAEDEN BOOKS. I printed out their home page and tucked it into here. This is because Kaeden Books is a brand new publisher for me. I don’t know anything about them. So I’ll be studying their home page to learn more about them. (We’ll go over this with a magnifying glass in upcoming posts as well.)

Behind that are a lot of empty folders. These are just waiting for me to fill them up with ideas and lists and…we’ll talk about that, too!

So if you haven’t yet done this, go ahead and get organized! Either use your own system that works for you or try out the system I use. There’s no right or wrong. It’s just very very helpful to get organized right up front so that you can find things at your fingertips when you need them.


  1. Hi Nancy, just want to check in with you. Thank you again for the information and blesses!

  2. Will be following along as you share all your ideas and helpful hints. Thanks so much!

  3. I’m excited about this new writing adventure. I’m also excited for your new life adventures! Have you chosen a grandmotherly name yet?
    I especially love your prayer folder, what a wonderful idea.

    • Thanks for sharing the joy, Sally! So far it will be just “Grandma.” And so glad you like the prayer folder. It’s one of my treasured ingredients for each project I work on.

  4. I have special friends that pray for my writing projects, but an added bonus would be to write out my own; and down the line, see how prayers were answered.( Maybe I’ll get a “No, not at this publisher. I have something better for you.” ) Organization is not my strong suit, so your ideas are delightfully helpful.

    • Oh I’m glad you’re finding delight in these ideas, Sherri! And yes, what an amazing record of prayers answered this will be for you in the days ahead!

  5. Nancy, Thank you for “trying” to help me organize!!! That may be next to impossible! Thank you for praying for me too. Now with that, things are possible. xo

    • You brought a smile to my face, Mona! (and my heart!!!!) Now I know what to pray for you!

  6. Oh, how neat, about the wedding and baby shower! I like your pretty folders. They don’t have those here. Instead I use pretty notebooks for each new project. And great idea for the prayer folder!

    • Pretty notebooks sounds like a fun way to get organized, too, Tina! I got these folders at a dollar store.

  7. Nancy, I’m so glad I received your blurb on facebook. This is exciting. I will start organizining. I’m working on an ebook and started late. I will be following along. What a great opportunity for us all.

    • How great that you’re doing an e-book AND this new adventure, Marge. Glad you’re following along!

  8. Thank you Nancy! You’re commitment and dedication in helping newbie writers shines through. God Bless.

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