Posted by: nancyisanders | October 11, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Decisions

As I’ve been studying the list of chapter books Kaeden Books publishes, I reached a point where I had to make some decisions.

The first question I had to ask myself was:

How serious am I about submitting to them? What decision would I make?

Decision #1
I’m serious. I’m gonna do it.

(I hope you make the same decision.)

Why? For starters, because (of course) I want to write for them and earn income. But also, because even if they don’t ultimately accept my submission, I want to grow as a writer and learn from this journey.

A second question I had to ask myself was:

How much money do I want to invest into this process right now?

Decision #2
I decided to invest $25 into this journey right now.

That’s because I need to SEE their chapter books. I write chapter books for the Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station series. But those books are 10,000 words long. Kaeden’s chapter books are much, much shorter. I’ve got to see what sentence structure they’re using, the vocabulary words they’re choosing, the paragraph length they’re using, and how they break down the chapters. I’ve got to turn pages and delve into the content to see how they pace the plot and develop their characters.

So here’s what I did:
#1. I organized the list of their chapter books according to levels. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I printed out this list. Then I took different colors of highlighters and highlighted all the same books at the same reading level in the same color.
#2. Then I purchased one book at the lowest level with one of the shortest word counts (Crow Said No). And I also purchased one book at the highest level with one of the longest word counts (Adventures of Sophie Bean: The Red Flyer Roller Coaster). With shipping and tax it added up to $22.

So while I’m waiting for these to arrive, we’re going to take a break from beginning readers and target another need they have listed on their submission guidelines:

Unique Nonfiction

(Hey all you nonfiction writer friends out there…aren’t you excited to hear this?!!!!)


  1. Good luck to you!

  2. I’m looking forward to the nonfiction discussion, so this is not meant to throw us off track, but Kaeden now offers previews of the chapter books. Yay!

    • THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! Thanks for alerting us to this Sydney…they just did this today!!!!!! So everyone go take a peek at their chapter books!!!!!

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