Posted by: nancyisanders | October 16, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Brainstorm Ideas for New Nonfiction

Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat because we’re doing more detective work today!

Let’s brainstorm unique nonfiction ideas for you to write about to submit to Kaeden Books.

First, get out your list of 40 Nonfiction titles that Kaeden already publishes.

This list tells you what they DON’T need.

Now compare this to a list of topics that teachers teach in kindergarten through second grade. Where can you find this kind of a list?

There are various places to look. You can look at the Common Core standards for literature and math at these grade levels.

You can look at the State and National standards for science and social studies at these grade levels.

You can also take a shortcut, like I often do, and just look at teacher books for these grade levels. Look at their table of contents to see what topics they cover. These topics would make great titles for manuscript submissions to Kaeden. Look for topics in these teacher books that aren’t on Kaeden’s list of 40 nonfiction titles.

Here are 3 of my own books that I wrote for Scholastic Teaching Resources that you can use as a handy reference for this. Just click on the link, then find the table of contents in their LOOK INSIDE the book feature. Print out the table of contents for each of the following books as a handy brainstorming reference. Write down 5-10 topics you find in these books that aren’t yet published by Kaeden.

Cut & Paste Mini-Books: Science

Cut & Paste Mini-Books: Around the Year

Cut & Paste Mini-Books: Science

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