Posted by: nancyisanders | November 5, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Research

Today as I worked on my nonfiction manuscript for Kaeden Books, I focused on the research.

I created a bibliography of books and reliable Internet sources. I added this to the end of the manuscript.

Most of these books I found by searching on Amazon for nonfiction books on my topic. Then, since the book I’m writing only needs several facts to verify, I found most of the research by using the LOOK IN THE BOOK feature.

I copied and pasted each bibliographical entry into the footnote for each fact I stated, including the page number of the book where I found that fact.

Then I went to my local online library site and actually ordered in all but one of the books I’d found on Amazon. That way I can actually photocopy the pages I need to back up my research and keep in my files.

In doing my research I found so many fun facts that could be used in my book! So I collected a list of these at the end of my manuscript, plus the footnote of where these facts were found. I want to keep these for 2 reasons:
1) I want to dig around on Kaeden Books and see if I can include more pages in my manuscript.
2) If I don’t use these in the actual manuscript, they will make great additions to a website I can build when this book gets published.

Okay…did you catch what I just said?

I said WHEN this book gets published.

Not IF this book gets published.

That’s because I reached a place today where I made a decision. I decided this manuscript WILL GET PUBLISHED. Yours can, too. I’ll explain how in the next post.


  1. Thank you once again, Nancy I Sanders.

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