Posted by: nancyisanders | November 6, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Get It Published!

I have decided that all my work on this nonfiction manuscript I’m writing will lead to a successful end. It WILL get published!

That’s because we work in a wonderful day and age here in the children’s publishing industry. If someone else doesn’t publish our book, we can! For free!

So first, after I finish my manuscript, I will submit it to Kaeden Books. I’m hoping they will publish it. But if I haven’t heard from them for 3 months, then I will assume they have rejected it. That’s the standard rejection policy these days.

So then, I am going to publish it myself!

There are various ways to do this:
Save it as a pdf file and sell it or give it away as a downloadable file from your website or blog.

Publish it for free as a paperback book with CreateSpace.

Publish it as an e-book for free with Kindle Kids’ Book Creator.

Here is my favorite so far:

Save it as a pdf file and sell it in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Somehow knowing that this manuscript will get published no matter what has renewed my motivation, energy, and enthusiasm for this project.

I encourage you to make a similar decision today.

So if you’ve gotten behind because you’re thinking your manuscript might not get published anyhow, then think that way no longer. You CAN get this manuscript published whether Kaeden picks it up or you publish it yourself at Teachers Pay Teachers (or some other free site).


  1. What do you do about illustrations in a self-pub book for this age?

    • You can get free images in a variety of places. I’ll write a post about this to answer your question since it takes a longer answer than I can fit in a comment. So stay tuned!

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