Posted by: nancyisanders | November 8, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Another Decision

Okay, writing friends! I’ve made another decision.

Since this is a teaching blog where we share and learn about how to do all things writing for children, I have decided to write TWO nonfiction stories.

One I will submit to Kaeden Books.

The other one I will publish on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I have two stories I’ve been working on anyhow all along. I couldn’t decide which one to submit to Kaeden Books first. So now that problem is solved.

I’ll submit the one to Kaeden Books and will continue explaining the real steps I’m taking, really, as I walk forward on this journey. This way you can take an inside peek on how a children’s writer goes through this process and also you can follow along and write and submit a manuscript of your own!

But for my other story, I’ll create it in a Word document file, pictures and all, and I’ll explain the steps I take to complete this one, too. Then I’ll publish it on Teachers Pay Teachers in my store. This way you can see how easy it is…really really easy!…to publish these little stories yourself on Teachers Pay Teachers (or other site) and earn money from them!


  1. Great. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Gail! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I am looking forward to learning how you publish on TPT. I have an account and ideas so I’m going to join you on this journey.
    I would be really interested in learning how you go about getting illustrations.

    • Super! I’m gathering info for an upcoming post on photographs and illustrations.

  3. Thanks so much. You really have the heart of a teacher!

    • You’re welcome, Joanne. And thanks for bringing a smile to my heart today!

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