Posted by: nancyisanders | November 13, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Research Books Arrived

Last night I picked up my research books that I ordered in at my local library.

You see, even though we’re writing simple little nonfiction manuscripts, the research process is still important. I want to back up my facts with solid sources.

So here’s what I’m planning on doing in the next few upcoming days:

Finish the text of my manuscripts.
I’m writing one to submit to Kaeden and one to self-publish and sell in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Finish the sidebars in my text.
These will be simple yet informative, just like the sidebars in my mentor text, THE BIRD FEEDER.

Finish the footnotes to verify the research in my text.
I want to plug in 3 resources for each fact I state.

Add in art suggestions to accompany my text.
For my one story, I will be submitting it to Kaeden. I plan to suggest one main photograph that will have a different object photoshopped in for each new page.

For my second story, I will self-publish it. I want to dig around on royalty free sites that I shared about in a previous post. If I find enough photographs I can use, I plan to use these. If not, I plan to use one main photograph that I took. I will copy and paste a different royalty-free image on this photograph for each new page in my story.

I’ve actually been progressing more slowly on this adventure than I originally planned. That’s because I have various book manuscripts (and magazine stories) in the publication stage. Every day, it seems, I have one or more editors with various publishers contacting me with things I need to do right away to keep the books or magazines on their production schedule. Just to give you a peek at some of the stuff that goes on during this stage, here are a few of the tasks I’ve had to deal with in this past week alone with various publishers:

*Schedule a phone appointment with marketing to discuss ideas for the book’s website
*Write 6 new pages of content ASAP to get to the illustrator so he can start working on that section
*Fill out tax forms so I can get paid on one project
*Reschedule the phone appointment with marketing due to a snowstorm in their area
*Receive a book map prepared by the editor with the entire text of my picture book plugged into each page so that I can edit it for typos and prepare for upcoming editing sessions in the next two weeks
*Read over a contract that’s in negotiations and call the publisher’s legal department to straighten out some issues
*E-mail marketing to thank him for creating the awesome bookmarks that arrived on my doorstep on Monday for my new books
*Connect with my agent to contact the contracts guy so that we can get paid in a timely manner

How is your book manuscript coming along that you want to submit to Kaeden? If you haven’t yet done so, plan to finish writing your manuscript text, your sidebars, and your photo suggestions.

In upcoming posts we’re going to talk about finalizing the text by adding in front and back matter (table of contents, glossary, word lists, etc.). Then I’m also going to share the cover letter I’m writing so you can copy it and send it in with yours, too. I have an extra special secret strategy that I’ve used time and time again in my cover letter and it’s gotten me so many book contracts I can’t even remember the exact number. I’ll share that with you. Then we’ll talk about the submission process and actually put that puppy in the mail.

And then, after that, I’ll share the process I go through to self-publish my second manuscript for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. (If you want to do the same, go ahead and set up a free store there so you’re ready to self-publish your own story, too. When you set up a store, you first have to post several free items such as bookmarks or printable teacher worksheets. So go ahead and get that all done as soon as possible. Then you’ll be ready to post your story and sell it like I plan to sell mine.)

So stay tuned! Lots of fun stuff up ahead!


  1. You are so generous with sharing your knowledge and information with us. Thank you very much!

  2. Wow, you’re so busy, Nancy. I enjoy reading what you’re up to!

    • Thanks, Tina! It’s fun to hear what you’re doing as well!!!!!

  3. Looking forward to the next post. Thanks so much.

    • You’re welcome, Gail! And glad you’re following along!

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