Posted by: nancyisanders | November 21, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Image Research

I finally got my fourth and last research book in at the library.

First I started to read my research books. One of the books had a lot of historic photographs in it that I hoped I could use.

Second, I looked in the front (sometimes this is in the back) for the list of photographs and where they found each one. They had a number of photographs from companies that looked expensive, but I found a bunch that were from the Library of Congress.

Third, I went online to the Prints and Photographs division of the Library of Congress.

I typed a key word in and instantly the photograph I was looking for came up. (That rarely happens. Usually I have to dig around a little bit.) So I was super excited I found this image so quickly.

Fourth: I did three things.
1. I checked the RIGHTS ADVISORY. It says: No known restrictions on publication.
2. I printed out this page. Since I plan to self-publish the book that will have this photograph in it, I will need to cite the correct information in my bibliography/photo source page.
3. I checked if a jpg image was available for me to download onto my own computer (and eventually plug into my word document). It was. So I downloaded the photograph onto my computer and I printed out the actual photograph.

Fifth, I went back to my manuscript I was working on. I kept the original version that was already finished.

But this time, I started to rewrite it based on the free historic photographs I could actually find.


  1. Thanks, Nancy. This is most helpful.

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