Posted by: nancyisanders | December 11, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers and more

As many of you know, I posted my nonfiction story on Teachers Pay Teachers at the store my husband and I have.

And Tracy asked me if she could open a store there if she’s not a teacher.

The answer to this is…just ask!

That’s what I did when I wanted to open a store. I’m not a teacher, but my husband is. So I sent an e-mail to Teachers Pay Teachers and asked if I could sell stuff I write on there even though I’m not a teacher but my husband is. They graciously replied and welcomed me on board.

So if you’re not sure you qualify to sell products there or not, just e-mail them and ask! They’ll help get you the right information according to your personal circumstances.

And guess what?!!! Tina Cho, a dear friend and awesome writer, has just opened her own store on Teachers Pay Teachers, too!!! Yay! Way to go, Tina!

CLICK HERE to get her freebie, Holiday Haiku Craftivity (what a great product!)

CLICK HERE to buy her nonfiction product on martial arts for kids, Kicking Off the New Year Right. (Kids will LOVE this.)


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Who knew the answer would be so simple. I like that “just ask”.
    And now I’ll be popping over to visit Tina’s new store.
    Thank you,

  2. Tina’s site is very impressive as well. 🙂

  3. What a surprise! Thanks, Nancy! You’ve been such a great help!

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