Posted by: nancyisanders | December 16, 2014

Writing Opportunity: The Index

For the Kaeden Book manuscript submission of a nonfiction story I’m preparing, the next step along the journey was to prepare the index.

Have you ever prepared an index for one of your books? I have and it can be a tedious process…especially if your book is over 100 pages long! Fortunately, the indexes for these short gems aren’t too involved.

As you’re working to prepare your own index, look at your mentor text. My mentor text didn’t have an index that shows up in the google preview, so once again, I looked at Fiesta to see how the index is done. Click on the google preview and take a look yourself.

For starters, I noticed that not every word was listed in the index. Repeating small words such as “we” and “is” aren’t included. Most of the rest are, however.

The easiest way to type up my index was to first print out a copy of my manuscript. As I looked at it next to me, I simply typed all the main words starting at page 4. (Page 3 is the Table of Contents.)

I typed these in alphabetical order as I progressed through my manuscript. Each time I typed a word, I put the page number next to it. If a word appeared more than once, I added that, too. Like this:

tree 7
water 5, 8

Even though their index is in 2 columns, I just kept mine in one long column since this is a manuscript.

So go ahead and write your index! If you have any questions, let me know.

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