Posted by: nancyisanders | December 18, 2014

Writing Opportunity: Back Page

Even though I used THE BIRDFEEDER as my mentor text to write the nonfiction story itself, I’m now using FIESTA as my mentor text to write the back matter. This is simply because on google preview I can’t see what THE BIRDFEEDER has for its back matter.

But I can see it in FIESTA. And I see that there is a back page at the very end of the book.

This page isn’t included in the Table of Contents. It doesn’t even have a page number at the bottom. This makes me think that it’s pasted in the back cover of the book.

So it’s important to include this page in our own manuscript for our own story.

Here are the features that are included on this page:

Word List:

Word Count: (This is where you’ll put your word count you calculated yesterday.)

Following are discussion questions for use before, during and after reading.

Before Reading:

During Reading:

After Reading:

We’ll talk about how to prepare these in an upcoming post!

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