Posted by: nancyisanders | January 6, 2015

Writing Opportunity: Submission Prep and SASE

Moving down the list of the SUBMISSION PROCEDURE for the Author Guidelines for Kaeden Books, it’s time to get our SASE postcard ready for item #3. (We’ll come back to item #2 “the cover letter” in a future post here on my blog.)

For a post card, you can just grab a large index card or other postcard you want to use.

If you have a postcard of the cover of one of your published books, that’s always a nice plus to use as an SASE (Self-Addressed/Stamped Envelope or as in our case Postcard). I have a couple of post cards from published books…some are fiction and some are nonfiction. I picked a post card to use of my nonfiction picture book, D is for Drinking Gourd since my manuscript submission is nonfiction.

Along with the sentence they tell us to write on our postcard, I also wrote the actual title of my manuscript. That’s because I plan to submit at least 2 more nonfiction manuscripts to Kaeden Books in the month ahead (and I hope you do too as I’ll be sharing how to do this in upcoming posts) as well as a chapter book, so I don’t want to get my postcards mixed up.

I’m going to paper clip my post card to my manuscript as soon as I get the cover letter written. (Don’t staple your manuscript! That’s a no-no in the publishing world. It’s too much hassle to rip the staple out if editors prefer leafing through the pages. Either leave everything loose or use a paper clip if you want to keep the pages together.)

Okay…now let’s work on the cover letter…coming up in the next post!


  1. You think of everything, Nancy!

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