Posted by: nancyisanders | February 4, 2015

Write a NF Book in Just 3 Weeks: Week 1

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I hope you’re enjoying our adventure!

As I’ve been reading my research books each day so far, I’m reminded once again how it really helps me feel more confident as a writer when I take the time to include a steady diet of research.

I hope you’re feeling the same way.

Last time I wrote my nonfiction book for Kaeden Books, I used The Birdfeeder as my mentor text. This time, I’ve chosen Snow. Please feel free to choose it as your own mentor text as well if you want. I felt it suited my topic nicely. Plus I like how it has a different topic on each different page yet keeps a very similar sentence structure going throughout. The one drawback is that we can’t see the very last page of the story, but since the Table of Contents lists the last page as “Everywhere,” we can be pretty sure that the last page of the story is:

Snow is everywhere!

Along with our research and reading our mentor text, today is the day we chart the plot for our mentor text. This will help us chart the plot of our own text tomorrow.

If you would like to use a chart I’m using, CLICK HERE to visit my site where I post various charts and worksheets I use in my own writing. Scroll down to the heading, CHARTS AND WORKSHEETS TO GET ORGANIZED FOR SUCCESS.

If you are using SNOW as your mentor text or one of the simple, predictable texts Kaeden publishes, print out the PREDICTABLE PLOT WORKSHEET A. This is the chart you can use any time you chart a published book or your own manuscript that is based on a predictable plot. (CLICK HERE for tips on working with PREDICTABLE PLOTS.)

If for some reason you want to write a manuscript that uses a story arc, however, print out the BASIC PLOT WORKSHEET A to use instead.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to use either of these charts to plot your mentor text today.

Have fun!

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