Posted by: nancyisanders | February 9, 2015

Write a NF Book in Just 3 Weeks: Week 2


This week is all about writing. See? Even my cat Pitterpat has caught the writing bug. I found her using my laptop to write her newest nonfiction early reader: I LIKE TREATS.

Starting today, we’re writing the “Beginning” of our nonfiction early reader picture book.

If you’re following the mentor text SNOW, this means that all you have to do is write the very first page (which is actually the very first sentence) today.

And since SNOW has a predictable plot where every new page repeats the same pattern you established here on this first page, you’ll continue that pattern as you write the middle part of the book on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

On the calendar you printed out to follow it says to write your “Middle: 1st Half” for Tuesday, your “Turning Point” for Wednesday and your “Middle, 2nd Half” for Thursday. That’s only if you’re writing a more complex story than SNOW that has all those elements.

So this is the time where you can actually write the main body text for your nonfiction story. Don’t worry about the sidebars yet or the backmatter. We’ll tackle those next week. Just write the text for your manuscript this week, keeping footnotes of the research you’re doing to back up the facts you’re stating.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy writing!

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