Posted by: nancyisanders | February 11, 2015

NF Submission Opportunities!


This is a photograph of a dinner plate dahlia that grew in my yard last summer. Each flower is as big as a dinner plate and lasts for a long time for us to enjoy.

Right now, though, the bulb is lying dormant underneath the dark brown dirt. From all appearances, it looks dead. But I know it’s not so I’m hopeful that one day soon the bulb will sprout and another beautiful plant will grow covered with giant yellow flowers as big as a dinner plate. I’m even building a trellis with my husband Jeff to put over it this summer to support it better as it grows.

Why am I mentioning this? Because this week as we are working on our nonfiction manuscripts, it may seem like nothing is ever going to happen with our manuscripts. How can they ever get published?!!!!

Well, even though things may seem dark, dormant, or even dead, there are actually publishing opportunities out there for us as writers of nonfiction for kids.

For example, we can submit to Kaeden Books (which I will walk you through the process after we finish writing this manuscript in 3 weeks).

But there are also other places we can write and submit nonfiction to!

Schoolwide is currently accepting unsolicited submissions. (Thanks to Tina Cho for sharing this opportunity with me! A lot of folks on the SCBWI Blueboards have shared that they’ve gotten manuscripts accepted by them.)

Also, Prufrock Press has put out a call for nonfiction submissions. Check out their guidelines, too…submissions are due by April 1.

And then there’s always the self-publishing route…I’m currently preparing a nonfiction unit to post on Teachers Pay Teachers…I’m reusing the research I’m doing for this nonfiction manuscript I’m writing in 3 weeks to write a unit to sell at my store at Teachers Pay Teachers…more about that soon!

So while you’re working on this manuscript to write it in just 3 weeks, know that there are opportunities out there for you to get published. This is a great exercise to do to help your nonfiction writing muscles grow.


  1. Since Schoolwide lists no royalties or work for hire details, does this mean they are not paying for the work they publish?

    • I haven’t yet submitted to them but if you read the thread on the SCBWI Blueboard it looks like the contract states you get a percentage from the number of subscribers who read your book.

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