Posted by: nancyisanders | February 18, 2015

Write a Chapter Book in Just 1 Month!

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This year I’ve signed up to join ChaBooCha, a challenge to write a chapter book from beginning to end in just one month. I’d like to invite you to join in the adventure! CLICK HERE to register so you can join this free challenge, too.

Starting March 1, there will be lots of fun as we interact within the community on ChaBooCha’s Facebook group and also ChaBooCha’s Twitter group. Plus there will be guest posts by authors, weekly prizes, and more! Thank you, Becky Fyfe for putting this challenge together!

So here’s the plan for those of you who are following along here on my blog:
1) Finish writing our NF Book in Just 3 Weeks this Friday. I’ll share how to submit it in an upcoming post, too.

2) Write our next NF Book in Just 1 Week next week from February 23-27. We’ll submit that to Kaeden Books, too. Watch for more info on this!

3) Starting March 1 here on my blog I’ll be sharing how to write a chapter book for Kaeden Books and the goal will be to join the ChaBooCha challenge and write it from beginning to end in just 1 month!

And for those of you who want to join in this challenge but aren’t sure where to start, what to do, and where to focus, you can register to purchase my teleclass workshop, Write a Middle Grade Novel in One Month.

I prepared that workshop by inviting my local writing buddies to my house for a month-long challenge to write a middle grade novel in just one month.

Then I took those handouts I created and those teaching strategies I taught to create this telephone workshop you can purchase today.

And THEN within the following year, I used all those methods and skills to land a contract to write the chapter book, Challenge on the Hill of Fire.

Since then, I continued to use those skills and handouts you’ll get when you sign up for the teleclass to write 4 more chapter books in that series! So I know these techniques work because I use them still today.

So how about it? I know some of you have been eager to start working on our chapter book submission to Kaeden Books. Are you up to the challenge? Sign up for ChaBooCha and join the adventure today. It starts March 1, right at your own writer’s desk.

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