Posted by: nancyisanders | February 27, 2015

Write a NF Picture Book in 1 Week: Final Day

For those of you who have been joining in on our adventure, I hope you’ve been enjoying the process of writing a nonfiction picture book in just one week.

And for those of you who are already overpacked with other projects (whether writing projects or just stuff) I hope you earmark these notes to use when you have time to work on your nonfiction manuscripts.

Thank you for following along! It’s hard to believe we started this journey last October to write and submit a nonfiction book to Kaeden Books.

First we just went through the process, step-by-step where I showed you what I do…actually do…to write an early reader nonfiction picture book manuscript to submit to a publisher.

Then this past month, once we had all the basics down, we sped up the process to write a second manuscript in three weeks from beginning to end.

And for this last leg of journey, we sped up the process once again to write a third manuscript in just 1 week from beginning to end.

I’m wrapping up my manuscript today and hope to pop it in the mail tonight.

I don’t know about you, but for me this produced a great feeling of satisfaction on various levels:

1) I could feel my writing muscles stretch and get strengthened each step of the way.
2) The task actually became easier each time I wrote a brand new manuscript to submit.
3) Now I have 3 new nonfiction early reader picture book manuscripts.

For those of you who wrote one, two, or all three manuscripts, what are some of the highlights for you? And for those of you who followed along but are waiting to write your manuscripts at a future date, what did you learn over these past months together?

If you remember back in October of last year at the start of this journey, we were going to learn how to write chapter books to submit to Kaeden Books, too. But then I opted to dig into nonfiction first.

But now we’re back where we started from and are all ready to launch into chapter books.

And as I mentioned before, the timing is perfect because we’re going to follow along with CHABOOCHA all during the month of March right here on my blog…the Chapter Book Challenge… to write a complete chapter book from beginning to end all in just one month!

I’m hoping you’ll join in the fun…it all starts right here on Monday, March 2!

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