Posted by: nancyisanders | March 2, 2015

Challenge: Write a Chapter Book in 1 Month

Today is all about typing your mentor text, brainstorming your cast of characters, and brainstorming your setting.

If your mentor text is really really long, you don’t have to type the whole thing. Even typing out a chapter or two will help.

But if you’re using THE RED FLYER ROLLER COASTER as your mentor text, go ahead and type out the whole thing. It’s only 2600 words.

Many folks ask me why I type out my mentor texts and encourage others to do the same. It’s for a variety of reasons.

Reason #1 is that it helps train your brain to think in this genre and reading level.

Reason #2 is it makes it handy to highlight various portions of text and run a work count or readability level or other test on it.

Reason #3 is it gives me practice typing out a book the same length mine is going to be. This way I can see how many manuscript pages it takes for each chapter and for the entire book.

I’ve finished typing out 2 chapters so far of THE RED FLYER ROLLER COASTER. Here at the bottom is a picture of how I’m doing it. I’m dividing it up per page number so I can keep an eye on that as well.

Now as you’re brainstorming your characters and setting, I want to remind you of something. If you’re writing a story to submit to Kaeden Books as I am, know that Kaeden Books purchases all rights to your manuscript. So be sure to choose a cast of characters that you can give away.

If you have ideas for characters based on your own family or on ideas that are near and dear to your heart, you might want to save those for a manuscript to submit to a publisher that will allow you to register the copyright in your own name. Kaeden registers the copyright in their name which means they own the rights to the story. (You can find out this info by seeing who the copyright is listed under on the copyright page of every book.)

When I write for publishers who purchase all rights to my stories, I like to use ideas that aren’t near and dear to my heart. The QUALITY of the stories are still tops, it’s just that I’m not as attached to the TOPICS.

And with that in mind, I wanted to let you know that after this month is over, I’ve decided to write a second chapter book using THE RED FLYER ROLLER COASTER (or a similar-length chapter book) as my mentor text. I’ll be posting about the journey here on my blog. Only next time we won’t be rushing along to finish it in just one month. We’ll go more slowly and really try to dissect this whole process and learn the skills it takes to write these types of books. And I might not submit the next manuscript to Kaeden Books but to my agent instead to try to get it published with a publisher where I can keep my own rights. We’ll see.

But for now, if you’re brainstorming ideas for characters and plot and setting this week and plan to submit your manuscript to Kaeden Books, just be sure you use ideas that are okay in your writer’s heart to give the rights away.


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