Posted by: nancyisanders | March 6, 2015

Challenge: Write a Chapter Book in 1 Month

Chapter Book Challenge 2015 Badge sm

I want to encourage you to enjoy the journey you’re taking this month to join the ChaBooCha challenge to write a chapter book in 1 month.

One of the ways to enjoy your adventure better is to learn to listen to your inner voice.

For example, if you’re working hard today on plotting your own story plot but your cast of characters keeps talking in your head, go ahead and put your plot aside for a little bit and let your characters speak.

Have fun typing down the conversations they’re having with each other or the scenes that are unfolding in your brain.

Then when they’re finished for awhile, you can come back to the task for the day.

This happened to me. I was in the middle of typing out my mentor text THE RED FLYER ROLLER COASTER when I couldn’t get the opening scene out of my mind. So I stopped, wrote down the scene that was begging to be told, and then when that was finished, I went back to my file and continued typing out my mentor text word for word.

Another way to enjoy the journey more is to learn not to be too much of a perfectionist. Writing is, after all, more like planting a garden than it is like baking a cake.

If you get an ingredient wrong in the cake it will turn out strange or even a total flop.

But if you plant seeds in the wrong spot in your garden and discover they need more sunlight or more shade, you can simply dig them up and replant them in the right spot.

So go ahead and sit down at your computer or put pen to paper and focus on each day’s task without stressing that it’s perfect. A manuscript will never be perfect even when it’s published. You’ll always find things you’d like to fix.

Just work on your task for today and make it the best you know how to do it at this time and then move forward to tomorrow. You can always come back and revise and edit and polish what you worked on at a later time.

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