Posted by: nancyisanders | March 9, 2015

Free How-to Writing Book Give-away!


I wanted to let you know you can enter a free book give-away for a copy of my book, YES! YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO WRITE BEGINNING READERS AND CHAPTER BOOKS.

It’s happening at the Chapter Book Challenge site, CHABOOCHA!

So hop on over and post a comment to enter to win. This book is a must-have on your writer’s bookshelf if you want to write early readers, beginning readers, chapter books, or even if you want to write your book at a certain reading level so kids in a certain grade can read it.

And if you already have a copy, it’s also a great gift for your writing buddy or fellow critiquer!

Yes, I’m the author of this book. If you look in the photo above, it’s the red book in the middle of the stack of books. Those other books are some…just some!… of the early readers and chapter books I’ve written over the years. I drew from the experiences I’ve had writing those books to get the material for this how-to book.

And to see both my how-to books for children’s writers, here’s another picture! My other book (the pink and black one) YES! YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO WRITE CHILDREN’S BOOKS, GET THEM PUBLISHED, AND BUILD A SUCCESSFUL WRITING CAREER is all about strategies I’ve used to build a successful writing career so you can, too!



  1. Nancy, you have really been writing up a storm the last couple months!! Very inspiring…though I don’t have a nonfiction or chapter book text to show for it yet:)

    • Hopefully one of these days soon, Lauri, you’ll have a nf or chapter book manuscript too!

  2. Thank you Nancy for showing us your process of writing chapter books.
    I have one of your books 🙂 I didn’t realize you had others. I am going to have to look into getting them 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Kathy. Happy writing!

  3. So happy to catch up, Nancy (better late than never)

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