Posted by: nancyisanders | April 27, 2015

Chapter Book: Just Write

This past weekend I went to our local Orange County Christian Writers Conference that takes place every year. It was so much fun to network and meet such great fellow writers and learn and grow and get inspired all together!

But in the meantime since we’ve been playing around with our sentence we’ve been working on, my brain has been taking off.

Here’s the sentence framework we’ve been working on:

The MAIN CHARACTER who lives in the SETTING does his UNIVERSAL THEME and has a PROBLEM.

My brain has been having snippets of conversation pop in with ideas when I’m doing other things. And snapshots of scenes.

So I’m keeping a notebook handy to write down all these things. I don’t want to waste anything that pops into my head!

I mention this here in my post today because I want to encourage you to just write if you have ideas that are taking shape in your head. There’s no right or wrong at this point.

Just write if you want to.

But keep on with the exercises we’re going to be doing here to help get everything into shape before you get too far.

And if you don’t have any ideas to write about yet, don’t worry! You don’t need to write a thing. We’re going to do some pre-writing exercises to get things in shape for our writing journey.

And if you’re just joining us and want to catch up with us, CLICK HERE to read the first post on our new chapter book adventure. Then scroll through the posts on up until today’s.

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