Posted by: nancyisanders | May 12, 2015

Must-Have Workshop: This Week’s Teleclass on Setting


Where in the world is the setting for the story you’re working on?

Don’t settle for a sleepy setting when you can make your story shine as bright as the sun by choosing a setting that generates high-interest and kid-appeal. I’ll show you how.

This workshop on setting will benefit YOUR writing career! Great for picture books, children’s chapter books or novels, and novels for adults.

Learn to write like the pros and discover practical techniques you can use to make your setting impact your story in a powerful way. These are actual techniques I’ve learned from working closely with editors on many of my 100+ published books.

Get an insider’s look at how publishers actually want authors to deal with setting. Learn nitty gritty techniques you can use to find problem spots in your story’s setting and fix them. Discover how the genre you choose influences the setting you use.

Also in this workshop you will learn how to:

* Brainstorm a setting that rocks your characters’ world

* Develop setting in a magazine story, picture book, early reader, first chapter book, middle grade novel, and young adult novel

* Make your setting come alive to draw your reader into the world of your characters

* And more!

BONUS EXTRA!!! When you sign up for this audio workshop, you will receive three setting-buster worksheets I’ve created just for YOU (This is worth the price of the class right here):

* a list of 250 settings to choose from to make your setting be the best it can be!
* a brainstorming sheet for choosing the general setting as the backdrop of your story!
* a brainstorming sheet for choosing specific places for your characters to go to impact your story like the pros!

CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up today!

Join me live as I teach this teleclass this Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 2:00 Pacific Standard Time or sign up to get the audio recording. WWC Club members get half-off discount (It’s free to join!).

Why wait for a summer conference or pay the big bucks when you can learn these essential skills THIS WEEK?!!! Sign up here!


  1. Nancy, I clicked on the link and signed up for the WWC Club. However, I don’t see anywhere to sign up for your workshop. I’m probably missing the obvious, but please clue me in. Also, could you provide a little info on Thursday’s event? Do we just need to call a phone # at a certain time? Thanks.

    • Super, Mary! Now that you’ve signed up as a member, click on this link again here on my blog post. At the bottom of the new page you should see a link that says: “Members of the Working Writers Club. Click here to login and register.” If you don’t see it, let me know! And you will get the information you need to call a phone # at 2:00 PST and join in the fun. I can hardly wait!

  2. Nancy, I’ve signed in using my new member ID and password, but I don’t see where to sign up for your audio class on setting. I see where to sign up for other things, but… Sorry. Need your help.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Mary! I’ll alert the moderator of that site, Suzanne Lieurance, and she’ll be in touch with you ASAP!!!!

  3. Nancy, what a great teleclass on Setting. It was interesting to learn how editors reacted to unusual settings. What great ideas for establishing different ones. I’ll be pondering this since I was just going to have my MC doing her “stuff” at home. Hmm. Some place magical. 🙂

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