Posted by: nancyisanders | May 21, 2015

Writing Conference for Nonfiction Writers: This will change YOUR writing career!


Can you believe I stood this close to this mountain lion to snap such a great photograph? I was just inches away from him!!! But as you’ve probably already guessed, yes, I was at a zoo and there was a nice wall of glass between us.

I get excited going to places like zoos and museums because it gives me such fantastic ideas and research for my nonfiction stories for kids. I take lots of notes and lots of photos.

And guess what?! I’m especially excited about going to an upcoming conference for nonfiction children’s writers!!!!

This conference is LIMITED to just 40 attendees. You won’t get lost in a crowd like so many writing conferences out there where you’re just one in a sea of faces. You will be HEARD and KNOWN and HELPED.

This conference is GUARANTEED to help jumpstart your career as a nonfiction writer for kids. There’s an awesome faculty line-up of published nonfiction writers who will be sharing their EXPERTISE with you. I’m so excited to be joining the faculty, too!

You and I would get to MEET in person and face to face!!!! How awesome is that?!!!

But guess what? It gets even better…this conference is SPECIFICALLY for BEGINNING writers, or writers who want to start getting published in the nonfiction market. You won’t have to feel like everyone there is a better writer than you are…it’s tailored to meet your needs!

What: NF 4 NF Nonfiction for New Folks Writer’s Conference
When: September 17 – 20, 2015
Where: Rosenberg, Texas

The schedule is jam-packed with opportunity to hone your craft and learn all about writing nonfiction. I’ll be presenting a session on Writing for the Educational Market and an intensive on How to Write a Nonfiction Book in Three Weeks.

JOIN ME at meals for informal time where we can get to know each other better.

SIGN UP for me to give your manuscript a PERSONAL critique.

Plus, it’s gonna be FUN! We’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ Texas-style! Writers from around the country will be playing together at GAME NIGHT and DANCING at Tex-Mex Night…lessons are provided! There will be critiques and writing time and fun!

GIFT yourself with this conference (or ask your family and friends to pitch together for a special present and MAKE THIS HAPPEN) so you can get away to spend time with me and other faculty members and writers to take your nonfiction writing to the level you want it to be.

CLICK HERE to register today!


  1. So glad even more writers will get to benefit from your knowledge and expertise, Nancy. Sounds like a wonderful conference.

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