Posted by: nancyisanders | June 9, 2015

Here’s What’s Coming!

1-26-2015 monarch #1c

It’s official. Summer’s here! The monarchs have come back to our yard. This last week I counted almost 20 big fat caterpillars. I watched a monarch laying eggs on milkweed all over our yard. (I tied strings around 2 plants so I could watch the progress of the eggs. One of the eggs has already changed color from milky white to black which means a baby caterpillar will hatch any day.) Yesterday my husband Jeff and I discovered 3 brand new pupas. Yay!

Summer’s officially here, so I wanted to give you an update of what we’ll be doing here on my blog this summer.

For starters, we’ll be wrapping up our early chapter books.

Starting next week, I’m going to write the first draft of my chapter book. I hope you’re ready to start writing your first draft, too.

Sometimes this can go fairly quickly. Especially since we already planned the plot structure, brainstormed ideas for the setting, and developed our characters.

When I’ve written first chapter books under contract, after I complete all this pre-writing work, I usually write one chapter a day. For the series I wrote where each book had 15 chapters, that means I typically wrote the first draft in 3 weeks working Monday through Friday.

It’s a nice pace to work at because it keeps everything fresh and clear in your head so you can see your whole story all at once. (Versus taking several months to write the first draft.)

And since we’re aiming for 7 chapters in this book, we can write the first draft in just a week and a half going at this pace!

So after we’re done with the first draft, I’ll let you go while you work through the self-editing process on your own.

Then it will be time to launch onto a new project for the summer here on my blog.

That’s the exciting news I wanted to share with you!

I’ve decided in my own personal writing journey that I want to explore various educational publishers/packagers and even submit to them.

I thought some of you might like to join me in my journey!

So we’ll talk about writing our resume, preparing a submission packet, and which publishers to send our submissions to. If you follow along with me, I’m going to actually submit to various publishers…and you can, too! I’ll show you how.

I hope you’ll enjoy your summer this year. And I hope you’ll join me in our next adventure right here on my blog!


  1. Nancy, you continue to amaze me with your focus, persistence, and generosity. I’m happy to follow–you are like the icebreaker ship. I just have to stay in your wake. 🙂

  2. Oh Dear!!!! I have some serious catching up to do. I have fallen behind on some of the postings and lessons 😦
    I think things are starting to calm down, so with any luck I can catch up 🙂

    Thank you for showing us your writing journey. It is extremely helpful 🙂

    • Hi Kathy, so sorry to hear you’ve fallen behind. But if you want to catch up, it might help to follow the calendar I put together when we wrote one in just one month. CLICK HERE to find that. Hope it helps. Most of all, though, have fun!

  3. That is so neat you can watch the life cycle of the monarch in your own backyard and take your own photos! I can’t write my chapter book yet…I have to revise my novel from the other tele-class I took of yours 🙂 But I have this series marked.

  4. Thank you Nancy! You are awesome 🙂

  5. Your monarchs are amazing! I’m in the throes of putting a butterfly garden in at the elementary school. If I am blessed to find any eggs this summer, I will use your little ribbon technique. The milkweed is coming in pretty good, so hopefully we will see some butterflies.

  6. I’ll be joining you on this educational publisher journey. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for your encouragement.

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