Posted by: nancyisanders | July 8, 2015


Let’s get better acquainted with the amazing resource that Ev Christensen maintains for us at the site, EDUCATIONAL MARKETS FOR CHILDREN’S WRITERS.

At the top of this page, there’s a link to click on if you’re new to the educational market. (What a great resource, too, Ev! You’ve thought of everything!!!)

Click on that link even if you’re an old pro and you’ll find reminder tips and helpful info about writing for this market.

Getting back to the site’s main page, scrolling down you will next see an alphabetical list of educational publishers, packagers, and developers. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had numerous market guides and this list is very, very comprehensive. It’s exciting just to look at it and think of all the possibilities for writing and getting paid while you write.

Below that list, you’ll find a short list of Test publishers. How exciting is this?! Somebody has to write the little stories that kids read while they’re taking standardized national tests…why not you? It’s fun to click on these links too.

And at the bottom of this site is “Additional Information.” This is the place we find another alphabetical list of publishers. Only this time this list includes publishers that are going out of business or don’t return phone calls, etc. This stuff is really handy to know!

Now that we’ve taken an overview of this site, feel free to explore some more. Just click on anything that interests you or start with the first publisher and click your way on down the list. We’ll be exploring this more together in an upcoming post.


  1. Thanks Nancy for sharing this amazing resource. Evelyn obviously puts a lot of time and energy into this educational marketplace.

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