Posted by: nancyisanders | July 13, 2015

Book Review: NIrV Study Bible for Kids


NIrV Study Bible for Kids
by Zonderkidz

This Bible features the updated version of the NIV just perfect for young readers. The hard cover will guarantee it lasts through lots of wear and tear. The soft, muted colors and dreamy-like illustrations throughout this Bible convey a sense of peace and comfort–a big plus for a young child who is reading this just before going to bed. Lots of engaging features are sure to keep a young reader’s interest and help present God’s Word in delicious bite-sized chunks.

What I Like
As a writer, I’ve used the NIrV version of the Bible for years. There are some Christian publishers who require writers to use this version when we write for them. And no wonder…the NIrV stands for “New International Reader’s Version” and is geared with grade-level vocabulary for kids ages 6-10 to read it. So when I saw they put together this version of the Bible as a Study Bible, I was so excited to get it! I love study Bibles as an adult, and I’m jazzed to think of using this with the kids in my life.

And yes! I like the features in this Bible! Here are some of my favorites:
*Full color/glossy/illustrated pages scattered throughout with IMPORTANT information such as who the Holy Spirit is and what the Ten Commandments are.
*Introduction to each book with top verses to read
*Soak it Up! Verses highlighted to memorize.
*Brain Game with questions to about a passage to make your thinker think!

-Thanks, BookLook Bloggers for another wonderful free book in exchange for my honest review!

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  1. Ooo, I like the new cover. I have the older version which we used in homeschool. My kids liked the easy-read format.

  2. This looks like a lovely study bible for kids. I think it would be a great special occasion gift for a child. That is really interesting to know that some publishers require writers to use the NIrV,

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