Posted by: nancyisanders | September 5, 2015

Writer’s Workshops


How often do you wish you could go to a writer’s conference but just can’t afford to dish out the big bucks for airplane tickets and hotel, let alone the hundreds of dollars it takes to pay for the conference itself?

Or maybe you just don’t have the time to spend three days away from the kids and the dog (who else would feed him?!) and your busy, busy life?

If that sounds familiar, then these telephone audio classes are just perfect for you!

Over the years, I’ve recorded a number of audio classes on topics that I deal with in the real world of today’s children’s publishing industry. I share real techniques and strategies I actually use as I’ve written over 100 published books.

For many of these classes, I provide handouts that I actually use myself for brainstorming and working through various techniques required to complete different types of manuscript. Along with the audio file you’ll download, you’ll get these handouts to print out and use.

These are the same strategies that earn me the bucks and help me land the contracts year after year after glorious year. I don’t want to be alone in my success…I want YOU to be able to experience success as a writer, too!

So if you’d like to hone your skills, learn tried-and-true techniques, and grow on your journey as a writer, hop on over to the National Writing for Children Center and check out the tele-classes available for you!

Most cost just $20…about the same as going out to dinner with a writer friend…but each one will last longer than just one night out. Each tele-class you listen to will be an INVESTMENT that moves you forward on your career path as a children’s writer and closer to your goals to fulfill your dreams.

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