Posted by: nancyisanders | September 18, 2015

Faith Building Fridays: Grace

My purpose in writing is to encourage you
and assure you that the grace of God
is with you no matter what happens.
-1 Peter 5:12, NLT

Has something happened to discourage you as God’s scribe? Be encouraged! God’s grace is bigger. His plans are more firm. His strength and hope are more powerful. No matter what happens, God’s promises are sure!

Oh Lord God, thank You for encouraging me just when I needed it the most. Help me keep my eyes on Your promises and on Your grace even on the darkest day. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

Scribes: Devotions for Christian Writers is available at Amazon. What a great gift of encouragement for you to have to start a brand new year as a writer! Add it to your Christmas wish list today.


  1. I’m reading this on Tuesday (not Friday), but it is just what I needed today. Thank you!

    • So glad your writer’s soul is blessed!

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