Posted by: nancyisanders | October 5, 2015

Nonfiction for Children’s Magazines: Join Me in the Journey!


I sat down this morning to start a new manuscript. It’s a nonfiction article for a children’s magazine.

I gathered all my materials and got settled down to get started.

And then I had a lightbulb moment.


Would you like to follow along and write a nonfiction article to submit to a children’s magazine, too?

I’ll show you step-by-step the process I go through. You can write one while I write one and then you can submit it to the same magazine I’m submitting to or you can submit it to the children’s magazine of your choice.

I mean, it’s no fun to go on a cruise all by yourself, right?! (Do you like this photo of a cruise ship I took when I was riding the ferry down at Galveston, Texas?) I thought it would be much more fun to do this together!

So get out your pens and pencils. Put on your thinking cap. And join me in the journey ahead if you’d like to write and submit a nonfiction article to a children’s magazine!

We’ll get started in my very next post.


  1. Thank you, I will.

    • Glad you’ll be joining the journey!

  2. This sounds like fun! Thanks for the invitation. 🙂 I’ll be on the ride with you!

    • It’s gonna be lots of fun together!

  3. I’m on board.

  4. I would love to follow along – thanks for the invite! I have such a hard time with nonfiction, and would enjoy seeing your take on it.

    • Oh I’m hoping this will help you learn how to jump the hurdles with ease!

  5. I’m in, excited to follow along.

    • Welcome along, Anita! Nice to see your enthusiasm (again!).

  6. This will be a great experience! I’m in!

    • Glad to have you join in the fun, Doreen!

  7. I am on board….have to get back into writing….I was on break….thanks for doing this.

    • Welcome back to writing. I hope you’re refreshed and ready to go!

  8. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for your help and guidance!

    • Nice to hear you’re interested, too, Kristen!

  9. Exciting!!

  10. Hi Nancy,
    I’ve written a few queries in the past two months, but haven’t heard back on any yet. I’m excited to follow along and see if I’ve been on the right track. Thanks!

    • Hopefully this will get you an acceptance letter soon!!!!

  11. I’ve got my boarding pass and am ready to cruise!

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