Posted by: nancyisanders | October 14, 2015

Nonfiction for Children’s Magazines: Publishers Who Accept Submissions

Day 1 Research HPIM8181

Do you want to write and submit a nonfiction article to a children’s magazine? You can follow along here on the blog and write and submit one to Clubhouse Jr. like I am, but here’s a list if you want to explore more options.

30 Children’s Magazines
(that accept unsolicited manuscripts or queries)

Some have themes, some include online publications, some have unique requests, and some request query only. And guess what?! Most pay. Yay!

This is not a comprehensive list. Check your writer’s market guide for more!

1. Babybug
2. Boys’ Life
3. Boys’ Quest
4. Cadet Quest
5. Calliope
6. Ask
7. Cobblestone
8. Cricket
9. Dig
10. Muse
11. Faces
12. Fun for Kidz
13. Girls’ Life
14. Guide
15. Highlights
16. Hopscotch
17. Insight
18. Jack and Jill
19. Ladybug
20. Humpty Dumpty
21. National Geographic Kids
22. Nature Friend
23. Pockets
24. Shine Brightly
25. Skipping Stones
26. Sparkle
27. Spider
28. Young Rider
29. Clubhouse
30. Clubhouse Jr.

And if you really want to write and submit to children’s magazines, be sure to sign up for Ev Christensen’s e-zine, WRITING FOR CHILDREN’S MAGAZINES.


  1. Thanks a bunch, I came here hoping to find the area where we follow along to try to get published by Clubhouse. I’ll keep searching.

    • Glad you’re joining us, Marlene!

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