Posted by: nancyisanders | October 21, 2015

Nonfiction for Children’s Magazines: Format

If you’re planning on writing a nonfiction article for a children’s magazine of your choice, then find a current issue with a nonfiction article where you say, “I think I could write an article like that!” Use that article’s format as a guide to write your own manuscript.

If you’re choosing to submit to Clubhouse Jr. magazine as I am, first choose whether you want to submit an article about extraordinary kids doing extraordinary things OR if you want to write a nature article. (Their two main current needs as my editor explained.)

An extraordinary kids article needs its own format so you’ll need to order in sample issues that have stories like that. (I’ve not yet written any of those.)

But if you want to write a nature article, I wanted to share 3 formats that have been successful for me. I’ll be posting these individually in upcoming posts with the actual articles so you can use one of these as your mentor text.

For my article, GOD’S AMAZING CREATION…FROM A TO Z! I simply used the ABC format and wrote about my topic from A to Z.

For my article, BLUE RIBBON MAMA, I chose ONE topic (mother alligators) and wrote about 4 unique facts on them.

For my article, NOSEY NEIGHBORS, I chose one animal characteristic (unique noses) and wrote about a number of animals that have unique noses.

These 3 formats seem to be featured frequently in their magazine, so they’re a good foundation to start with. You can choose which one you prefer for the topic you want to write about.

I’ll share more details about each of these formats in upcoming posts so stay tuned!


  1. Thank you for posting such encouraging and helpful information. I plan to follow your posts and write a non-fiction article for Clubhouse Jr. Do you know if they offer a theme list for upcoming editions?

    • Glad you’ll be following along, Kathleen. And great question about the theme list! Since I’ve been writing for them for years, I usually get e-mailed a theme list. But this year the information I was sent said they’re not really doing a theme list right now but are just evaluating submissions that come in.

      • Thank you, Nancy.

  2. I’m a bit late. But catching up on your posts and plan to write a non-fiction article for Clubhouse Jr. Do they require an expert response to be submitted for a nature article? I am really enjoying all of these posts.

    • Glad you’re excited about this opportunity! And no, unlike Highlights, Clubhouse Jr. does not require an expert’s comment to validate your research.

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