Posted by: nancyisanders | November 16, 2015

Nonfiction for Children’s Magazines: Submission Time!


This is a photograph of our cat Sandman hiding under a baby quilt I made.

Sometimes as writer’s we feel like that! Instead of submitting a manuscript we worked hard on to write, we opt to remain hidden and never actually send it in.

I want to encourage you to follow through and submit your nonfiction manuscript for a children’s magazine you’ve been working on!

If you’re not quite done yet, go ahead and wrap it up.

Then get feedback on it, hopefully through a critique group you participate in. (Not a member of a critique group? Start your own like I recently did! I e-mailed a small group of like-minded writer friends I know from social media sites and invited them to join. It’s so helpful to have extra pairs of eyes to read through my manuscripts.)

And then send it in. I’m getting mine ready to submit too.

If you’re submitting a nonfiction article to Clubhouse Jr., be sure to mention that you followed along here on my blog to learn more about their particular interests and types of nonfiction they need.

So do you have any questions about this entire process as we’re wrapping up this discussion here on my blog about writing nonfiction articles for children’s magazines? If so, be sure to post them here and let me know.

And stay tuned for our next adventure…I can hardly wait!

Next up here on my blog, we’re going to target a publisher who accepts unsolicited submissions for nonfiction children’s picture books! I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

(And if you signed up for the free giveaway last week here on my blog, the winners have been chosen. Their names will be announced in an upcoming post! Hopefully one of them will be you!!!!!)


  1. Nancy, do you need to submit an expert response along with your non-fiction article to Clubhouse Jr.?

    • No, they don’t require an expert’s endorsement like Highlights does. I do like to include my bibliography at the end of my manuscript submission, however, to let them know where I got my sources from.

      • Ok great. I was behind on following along but I will work on writing a nonfiction article to submit.

      • Great! The nice thing is that there’s no time limit. They’re always looking for good nonfiction articles!

  2. Nancy thanks for the nudge to get my non-fiction article to Clubhouse Jr.

    • You’re welcome! Let us know when you actually send it in!!!!

  3. Hi Nancy, I appreciate your blog so much! I sent a nonfiction manuscript to Hopscotch for Girls a couple Fridays ago. I like the idea to attach your bibliography at the end, I’ll do that next time.

    • Hooray for you, Vicki!!! I’m so excited that you followed through and submitted your article. I can’t wait to hear what happens next!!!

  4. Thank you, Nancy. I have your books and enjoy them. I don’t know why I hadn’t signed up for the blog before, but I’m all ready feeling encouraged by it! THANK YOU!

    • Shiela, thanks for encouraging ME today! So glad you joined us here on my blog.

  5. Hi Nancy, I’m working on my manuscript and thought of another question. When you submit nature articles to Clubhouse Jr., do you ever look for or mention photos of your animal subject, or do you leave all that to the editors?

    • When I submitted nature articles to Clubhouse Jr. I didn’t mention photos. The editors did that. However when I submitted nonfiction on a couple of other topics, I DID send thumbnail photos of a list of photos I recommended along with the source to find them because I knew those photographs were hard to find. Great question!

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