Posted by: nancyisanders | December 2, 2015

NF PB Journey: Manuscript Submissions



How do you like this funny bookcase we found in a bookstore in Los Angeles that we visited recently? Wouldn’t that be fun to have in your house? I especially like the little places that hold the open books. I could put each of the books I’m reading on there and leave them open right where I left off.

Back to our Nonfiction Picture Book Journey where we are targeting Charlesbridge. Today let’s take a look at Charlesbridge’s manuscript submission guidelines.

CLICK HERE to read their guidelines. It’s nice to see they are accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Yay!!!!

Be sure to follow their links to learn more specifics about how and what to submit depending on if you’re an illustrator or not. Also, since we’re planning on submitting a picture book, note what they say at the next link about what to submit.



  1. Thank-you Nancy, this was extremely helpful of you.

    • So glad you found this helpful, Penny!

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