Posted by: nancyisanders | December 4, 2015

Faith Building Fridays: Conquer!


“Let’s go at once and take the land,” he said.
“We can certainly conquer it!”
-Numbers 13:30, NLT

As we plan our writing goals for the year ahead, let’s have this same confidence. Let’s plan on sending our manuscripts into the publishing world in order to accomplish God’s purposes. Let’s plan on conquering the powers of evil and spreading the Good News wherever we go.

Dear God, give us the strength and wisdom to conquer evil through the words we write. Give us the mindset of a conquering army that pursues victory no matter how thick the arrows fly. In Jesus’s name. Amen.


For more faith-building encouragement as a writer, visit my site, Scribes.

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  1. Yes. Time to conquer fear and walk in faith. We have a high calling to write for children.

  2. Thank you for speaking this powerful truth!

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