Posted by: nancyisanders | December 7, 2015

NF PB Journey: Get to Know the Editor

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As we get to know Charlesbridge better (or the publisher you want to target) a really good idea is to get to know its editors, too!

These days editors can be so much fun to “meet,” especially if the editor at your publishing house has a presence on the web.

Good news! Charlebridge’s Editorial Director, Yolanda LeRoy Scott, has some great interviews and is on sites you can read to get to know her better.

Here are some links to explore:

CLICK HERE to read a post from one of Yolanda’s authors on how a new book was born.

CLICK HERE to read an interview with Yolanda by Cynthia Leitich Smith.

CLICK HERE to discover a list of 9 favorite books and why Yolanda likes them.

CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube interview of Yolanda and others at Charlesbridge publishing (including the publisher Brent Farmer).

CLICK HERE to purchase a webinar by Yolanda with an option to purchase a manuscript critique as per the info provided on the site.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of this info! Jan

  2. Wonderful links – thank you for compiling them!

  3. These sites, especially the interview with Cyn, make Yolanda three-dimensional and much more than just the name on the door. This is a smart, focused approach before querying or writing.

    • So glad you found these helpful, Pat!

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