Posted by: nancyisanders | December 10, 2015

NF PB Journey: Visit Your Library

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 4.20.42 PM

I know most of you probably love to visit your local library! I know I do.

And I also love to visit their online site. I like to order in copies of books I want to read…lots of them! And all it takes is a couple clicks of a button.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because I’m ordering in all of Yolanda Scott’s (Charlesbridge’s Editorial Director) nonfiction picture book favs. I want to read what she likes to read and see why she likes them!

In case you didn’t peek yet, CLICK HERE to read an interview where Yolanda lists 9 of her favorite books and why.

Then click on over to your library’s home page and order in each one of them so you can read them, too!


  1. It might seem obvious to some, but I love this idea. To have insight to an editor’s preference is golden.

  2. Thanks Nancy!! I have placed on hold 8 out of her nine books, plus 7 more research titles for my selected topics at my library. This is much more fun sharing the writing journey, than the usual solitary time that we put into it.

    • Anita, that is why I am doing this here on my blog. It is just so much more fun to do something like this with writer friends like you. I am glad you are having fun too.

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