Posted by: nancyisanders | December 15, 2015

Board Book Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 2.08.41 PM

Over the years, I’ve had the joy of publishing board books and novelty books for babies. That’s one of my books, My Special Things, featured in the image above. Now that I have a grandbaby of my own, I’m especially enjoying writing new potential manuscripts for this market.

Have you ever thought of writing board books for babies? They’re lots of fun, fun, fun to write. And in my newest writer’s audio workshop, I talk with Suzanne Lieurance about how YOU can write board books, too. CLICK HERE for the details of how you can register for the pre-recorded audio workshop, including lots of tips on which publishers and agents are currently accepting board book submissions.

For an example of what a board book looks like, you can watch my book, The Pet I’ll Get, be read on YouTube on Nana’s Storytime!

And here’s an example of what a manuscript submission for a board book looks like. I just submitted one this past month, and this is the format I used.

Board Book Sample


  1. Thank you Nancy, for sharing this opportunity with us and at such an affordable rate. I’m looking forward to learning something new!

    • You’re welcome, Shiela. I hope you learn lots and lots!!!!

  2. Nancy, I signed up for your workshop but am having a lot of trouble with the module. Have talked (via email) to Suzanne about this and we are working on it. IN the meantime, do you have a list of publishers you can point me to—those who accept board books,. I got twenty minutes into the segment and love your suggestion to subscribe to baby bug. I have been doing the mentor book for forever (did not know the formal name for it) and I have two scripts ready to send out. Appreciative of your blogzone formatting aid. Now I am looking for markets! Thanks so much and many blessings to you and your grandson in 2016. Joan

    Joan Leotta Author, Story Performer “Encouraging words through Pen and Performance” Giulia Goes to War, Letters from Korea, A Bowl of Rice, Secrets of the Heart. now available from Desert Breeze Publishing and Amazon Simply a Smile–collection of Short Stories from Cane Hollow Press and Amazon WHOOSH! Picture book from THEAQ and Amazon 910-575-0618

    • Hi Joan, hope you can get all the glitches worked out soon! And YES! In the teleclass I spend a significant amount of time talking a whole bunch of specific publishers IN DETAIL who accept board books…so I’m hoping you’ll find this teleclass super, super helpful. Please let me know when you get the module working on your end. Suzanne is super helpful on figuring these things out. I hope you’ll find a publishing home for your board books!

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