Posted by: nancyisanders | February 25, 2016

New Audio Workshops for Children’s Writers


Sometimes being a writer is like being an archaeologist. We sift and dig through our research and spend countless hours finding and organizing treasures to share with the world.

It can be a lonely journey at times. That’s one of the reasons I like to create audio workshops and teleclasses to pull alongside you, become part of your writing community, and share treasures I’ve discovered that have helped me build my writing career of 100+ published books with publishers big and small. I want and pray for your own writing journey to produce fruit as well!

So I’d like to share 2 new audio workshops that I’ve prepared this last month just for you!

The first is a teleclass about specializing. Why specialize? To put it simply, because I specialize in several different subjects as a writer, now publishers call me and offer me book contracts for thousands of dollars because, I quote, “We need someone with your expertise.” I started out small and took my baby steps to make this happen and I’m confident you can too. To get more information about purchasing this 1-hour teleclass based on a Q/A session I did with writing coach Suzanne Lieurance, CLICK HERE for SPECIALIZE: NOW IS THE TIME.


Okay. This is a biggie. I’ve been working for MONTHS to create this 4-session audio workshop tailored specifically for all you precious friends and fellow writers who follow along here on my blog. I know so many of you have a heart for writing nonfiction for kids.

Now here it is! Four hours of instructions and 30+ handouts to learn all the tricks of the trade and techniques that I use, actually use, to write nonfiction for kids. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to find solid instruction and acquire successful strategies to take your nonfiction to the top.

If you write full time and want to tackle a nonfiction book in just one month, this audio workshop is a compass to guide your journey. But even if you want to just take your time and learn all these techniques at a leisurely pace, they’re all here, step-by-step, to lead you along the way.

CLICK HERE to get more information about this workshop HOW TO WRITE A NONFICTION BOOK IN A MONTH.

And finally, please share the link to this post and even repost it on your own blog if you’d like! Thanks for helping to spread the word around our writing community to all our writing buddies and friends.

-Photograph of archaeologist at the top by By Hanay, CC BY 3.0,


  1. I’ve shared your wonderful site/resources with those who write nonfiction in the 12×12 Picture Book Writing Challenge forum…you have many fans there (and now more new fans!). Will share this there today! It sounds like a terrific course.

    • Teresa, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  2. Nancy, I’m going to share this with my PB crit group. I hope this will be posted in KidLit 411. 🙂

    • Thanks bunches, too, Mary!!!! And say hi to your critique groups. I love it when writers have buddies to cheer them on!

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