Posted by: nancyisanders | April 7, 2016

NF PB Journey: Dirty Rats?

Dirty Rats
Dirty Rats?
By Darrin Lunde
Art by Adam Gustavson
Published by Charlesbridge in 2015

There are many outstanding qualities about this nonfiction picture book. For one thing, it helps open children’s eyes to the world of rats…all over the world. Not all rats eat garbage or live in sewers. Some live out of doors and some even swim in clear mountain streams.

The other quality that really stands out to me is the author’s word choice. Wow. Swarm and scurry. Beady eyes and naked tails. Eek! Aargh! Yikes!

So great! This text is very engaging. And very informative. What a great book for kids and adults to read.

Here’s my rubric of this nonfiction picture book.

Dirty Rats.jpg



  1. Thank you again, Nancy. Always appreciate your shares.

  2. The title makes me think of the old gangster movies. “You dirty rat!” 🙂 But this does sound like an informative read!

  3. HaHa, this will be a tough read for me…..childhood fear/trauma with rats.

    • Te he he…I have a friend who owned pet rats and they can be so sweet. So adorable. So smart. So friendly.

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